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The Grom - The soft top

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The Grom Soft top is perfect starter board both in price and ability. The Grom Handboard will perform better than any other foam soft top you will try.

The Slyde Grom

Sean enoka kaha nalu

Sean Enoka - kaha-nalu founder 

@enoka009 | Hawaii

""The GROM board is a very nice compliment to what Slyde has in its stable. Perfect blend of soft foam and functional shape excellent fun-board. Something that I'm not worried will take out a tooth, but can give a big boost of lift & speed. Looking to get some massive whomp sessions. I got really good waves out at sunset. Super long rides on good sized 4-5ft sunset. Got a bunch of comments from tourists”"

the wedge - The everyday board

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The Wedge handles well in all conditions, with extra volume for more buoyancy and longer rides, easy to master and a great starter board

The Slyde wedge

daniel carr slyde rider

Daniel carr - Slyde Rider 

@captain_kookman | Australia

"The Wedge is my go-to Board. The rail holds a great edge on the wave and the volume of the board allows extra push and prop for minimal drag and awesome down the line speed. I catch waves out the back for longer rides and when the waves aren't barreling you can throw turns and rolls. Great for beginners to advanced, I've surfed 1ft slop to 6ft+ freight trains and it handles it all."

the phish - The speedster board

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The Phish: The Kickstarter phenom was designed with speed in mind, with perfect buoyancy that gives you the ultimate smooth ride.

The Slyde Phish

 Dylan biggerstaff rider testing

Dylan Biggerstaff - Slyde Rider 

@dylanb_photography | Huntington beach

"The Phish is my favorite board. It is an exceptionally versatile and responsive board and looks amazing too. By letting the board do the work I have a lot of fun in all sort of conditions. When it starts pumping, I bring the board under my lead shoulder and try to stick my line and push down on the handboard hard to get my body out of the water as much as possible to really maximize speed runs and make barrels The Phish feels like an old style handboard mixed with new technology and performance; it’s fantastic!"

The Bula - The specialist Board

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The Bula: designed for Point Panics. The size and extra concave makes it perfect for steep fast wave and shore break, great for advanced riders

The Slyde Bula

 mahalo kealii rider testing

kealii k punley - kaha nalu Rider 

@mahalokealii | Hawaii

"I've had a lot of different handboards sent to me to test and use/have from a lot of different handboard company's and the Bula Hawaiian model is still by far the only handboard I will use due to its concave/ and rails it makes a big difference in bottom turning/ and pumping to catch speed to get epic in and out here"