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by Steve Watts October 25, 2018 4 min read


Daniel Carr has been riding for Slyde for nearly 2 years now, and over that time we have formed a great friendship with the man from down under. and yes he eats Vegemite sandwiches cue Bob Marley. Daniel has been a driving force for Slyde on the Aussie east coast and is quickly becoming a handboarding and bodysurfing legend in his own time through his various social channel antics. His Instagram moniker @Captain_kookman  belies the fact that he is anything but a kook. We got together with the captain and the kook to kind out just what makes the legend Tick.

Slyde: Can you give us a quick bio? 

Daniel Carr, 40yrs old and I live in the Central Coast of New South Wales, about an hour and a half drive north of Sydney. Married to Lauren and we have the three wonderful kids, Toby 6, Darcy 3 & Edie 1. When I'm not in the surf, my day job is a business improvement professional in the banking & finance industry, been with my employer for nearly 20yrs. 

Slyde : How long have you been a water man and bodysurfing for?

I've always lived near the coast so have had that affinity with the ocean. I can recall as soon as I was old enough to ride to the beach, heading off at sunrise and spending the day at the beach. As a teenager, I was in surf clubs, surfing, bodyboarding, spear fishing water skiing etc. 

Slyde is the handboarding a bodysurfing scene like in Australia 

I feel there's a tight knit community of  Whompers out there. I think that social media has helped connect me with other Bodysurfers out there and have made some great friends from it that we've shared some camping trips and waves together - all brought together from our appreciation of bodysurfing. It's very limited in respect to competitors though but I think all Bodysurfers know that feeling, and in some ways it's nice not being mainstream. 

Slyde Where do you see the sport going?  Where do you see yourself going in this?

Not sure where it will head or lead to. For myself I enjoy trying new spots or pushing myself into new waves and spots, whether it be reef or slabs. I'd like to test myself on some waves of consequence. I really enjoyed hitting Uluwatu earlier this year, swimming out as the only bodysurfer copping weird looks as I swam past. 

Slyde: Tell us about your Local break and your Best experience there

I'm blessed with a number of breaks in my local area. More often I hit North Entrance which when the banks and swell align can provide some quality beach breaks another local for me is North Shelly, which provides banks and a rock break on the point. 

Slyde: Bodysurfing is obviously a big passion for you but what are your other hobbies and passions?

Other than spending time with my family bodysurfing is my release. I used to play water polo at a competitive level but fell out of love with it due to family and work life balance. Outside of that Lego with my boys and some drawing.

Slyde: What were your inspirations growing up?

As I said, water polo was a big driver for me through out my teens so plenty of time in the pool or traveling with the sport and my aspirations were the Olympics but that didn't eventuate. 

Slyde: who inspires you in the water and why 

There's many people of events that inspire me. From a water man perspective I've always liked Mike Stewart, from being a booger back in the day and to still see him shredding now. I'd love to just be that active, I've seen images of a couple of the Avalon Muppets which is a bodysurfing group on the northern beaches of Sydney and some of the guys still bodysurfing are over 70yrs of age. That is a life goal for me.

Slyde: which is your favorite slyde board and why

The board you mainly see me with is the Wedge. Since I got my first board a bit over two years ago it's been my go to board. The drive and speed you can generate with it by being able to minimize your drag. I've found it handles any type of swell. 

Slyde: How do you think Bodysurfing has affected or inspired you in other parts of your life?

Bodysurfing has been my release, i find that when I hit the water I'm a grom again, frothing like a teenager. Just exited on the next wave and sharing waves with mates, having a laugh, throwing yourself into waves with little chance of making it but surfacing with a smile.

Slyde: Top dream bodysurf destination and why 

The more I think about it it I'm split between Pipeline and The Wedge, just considering they are waves of consequence that if love to test myself on. 

Slyde: Do you feel that the water is where your calm place is ?

Hell yes. Nothing matters, just you and the ocean. Almost meditative as you watch the horizon for the next bump or alternatively diving under the waves and just taking in our surrounds. 

Slyde: What is the best advice you've ever gotten, and the worst?

From my water polo days I was told I was too small by some coaches, being A goal keeper and only 6ft tall. I found that drove me to prove them wrong, wanted the see them eat their words, through working hard on the aspects I had control of, speed, legs, reading the game, considering it wasn't like I could just sprout a few extra inches.

Slyde: Pick 5 people on your party wave 

Really hard to choose as so many people out there that I'd love to get a wave with, so apologies to the Aussie crew that I've already shared some party waves with. 

Sean Enoka, Mike Stewart, Sean Starky, Mark Cunningham and Steve Watts for the support he has giving me with Slyde. 

Slyde: Leave us with some closing words of wisdom

I love the quote "the best surfer is the one having the most fun" and if that's sliding down the face on your belly then more respect to you. 

Watch Daniel Score an epic In and Out barrel at his favorite break

Steve Watts
Steve Watts

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