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by Travis Davies April 04, 2019 2 min read

The Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic 2019 had everyone on the edge of their seats, even before the contest started.

The 2day event hosted by the North Shore Lifeguard Association (with an extra day just added this year) could happen at anytime during the 2week holding period March 21- April 3rd, based on the best conditions for swell, wind direction, and size.

And on Thursday March 21st at 7am, just one hour before"kick off,”64 people received word it was time to CHARGE.  “Pipeline is like the Super Bowl of bodysurfing, everyone wants time at Pipe, and trains all year for this contest”  Sean Enoka Kaha Nalu Hawaii

So with little notice, just their swim fins, some serious courage, and a massive amount of stoke, bodysurfers from around the globe faced the ultimate wave challenge, at “the proving grounds.”

“Pipeline is full of unreal mana or power, it has deep power outside that dregs the reef.  There are caves, fingers, and slabs in the reef. It’s very dangerous but makable too, which is the beauty of the break.” Sean Enoka   It’s far to say bodysurfing Pipeline on a typical day verse a contest day is very different environment.  The crowded break, becomes empty and boardless, except for 4 bobbing bodysurfers. 

Conditions on Day 1 & Day 2 were heavy full of rips with 8-14 faces (mainland scale) and the occasional 15 foot set. Each heat had a water start, and lasted 25minutes with top 2 waves tallied, and a 10 wave max.

The line up included 61 men & 3 woman, who competed directly against the guys.

Slyde Team Rider wahine, Sunny Chamblee “This was my 1st time ever bodysurfing the North Shore. It was both humbling and exhilarating.  The guys treated me as an equal, we were all just out there surfing to surf, and I was stoked to enjoy the ocean with everyone.”

Each heat was absolutely stacked with talent, with all eyes on the waves. Like Round 2 Heat 5 were Mark Cunningham competed against Tim Burham, Corey Sainsbury, and Keali’i Punley.

Top 11 Slyde contest highlights include:

  1. Of course being there live with front row seats to all the action (it’s true photos & videos don’t do it justice)

  2. Kaha Nala Nula Crew graciously sharing their knowledge, and aloha.

  3.  The Community of Stoke with crews from all over the world. Special Shout out to Nicholas Brbot & Corey Sainsbury of Australia.

  4.  Being posted up outside the legendary Volcom Pipe House

  5.  Craig Watson scoring a near perfect 10 wave

  6.  David Ford of Ventura had the highest score of a heat with 16.16

  7.  Slyde Partner Sean Enoka of Kaha Nalu Hawaii moved onto round 2

  8.  Bodysurfers being towed into the Pipeline line due to extreme conditions

  9.  Slyde Team Rider Dylan Biggerstaff moved onto the semi-finals

  10.  Slyde Team Rider Sunny Chamblee beat out 32 guys to move onto round 2

  11.  Slyde Team Rider Keali’i Punley claimed Pipe Champ 2019 (Breaking legend Mike Stewart’s Pipe winning streak)

Mahalo Hawaii!!! "To bodysurf epic Pipeline with no crowd already made me a winner. The true prize is the contest itself, the opportunity & experience to gather & surf with other like-minded individuals & do what we all LOVE to do." Keali'i 

Winners Pipeline Bodysurfing Championships 2019

Travis Davies
Travis Davies

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