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by Travis Davies May 23, 2019 4 min read


Kori Alpert of Laguna Niguel, CA is an epic example of exactly that.  She recently traveled to the Gold Coast of Australia for the first time, and couldn't wait to share with us her stoke & tips.
Tell us a brief bio on you.

Hello fellow watermen/women! My name is Kori Alpert, I was born and raised in Southern California, more specifically southern Orange County. I grew up on the beach, spending most of my grom life surfing and bodysurfing at Salt Creek, Dana Point and at the San Clemente Pier.

I’ve spent some time in Hawaii on Oahu enjoying the island life, while working on my degree and finishing it back on the mainland. Something that is near and dear to my heart is traveling. I’ve been fortunate enough to visit 10 different countries with many more on the list. What draws me to travel is being able to experience the culture, food and diversity of a country, of course also the amazing surf/beaches. I always challenge myself to go somewhere new at least once a year and have held a steady streak since I was 18 (Ekkk…I’m almost 30 now).

Who or what go you into bodysurfing?

My Dad was the one who got me into bodysurfing. He grew up bodysurfing the local LA beaches and had taught me at a ripe age of 3. Thinking about it, people probably thought it was nuts (naww it was the 90’s). From then on, we would spend all day at the beach during the summer catching waves, seeing who could get the longest ride on the biggest waves.

He’s always been my water coach teaching me everything I know about the ocean, reading the waves, tides, and currents. Even today during contests or a free surf session, he’ll give me pointers and the occasional terrible dad joke. Without him, wouldn’t be the surfer I am today.

Bodysurfing as a sport will always be something very special to me. There’s something very organic and peaceful about shoving your body through a wave with just some fins and maybe a handboard, hoping you’ll make it down the face without getting womped. I always tell people when they ask me, why bodysurf? It’s cause we have more fun!

What's the Surf Scene/Community like in Queensland Australia?

Absolutely amazing! I spent my entire trip on the Gold Coast and it is just steaming with surf culture and community. Everywhere you looked, there were people surfing, bodysurfing, bodyboarding and kite surfing. With my board of choice was being the Slyde Bula.

I was able to meet with the Goldie Sliders, a bodysurfing club located on the Gold Coast as well as Travis from Slyde Handboards Australia. We communicated via Instagram prior to my trip and I met them for their weekly Saturday meetup. Everyone was so welcoming.and wonderful – we shared waves, laughs and some good sandy wipeouts. It just goes to show how welcoming the bodysurfing community is there. They are truly an extraordinary group of watermen, waterwomen and groms.

Can you tell us about 2 of your favorite breaks there?
  1. Narrowneck Reef, Gold Coast – Hands down my favorite surf spot on the Gold Coast. I spent almost every morning of the trip down at that beach. The conditions in the morning tended to be better before the westerly winds picked up. It’s a perfect beach break with a solid sandbar that creates these magical right and left barrels. The water is crystal clear and averaged about 72-74 degrees. If you catch it early enough in the morning, just when the sun comes up, it turns the waves into this gold/green color that is mind blowingly gorgeous. 
  2. Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast – A solid right point break off of a huge bluff made of volcanic rock. It’s mostly for surfers, but there is a bowl section a little down the beach that is pure fun for bodysurfers. It also has a great park right next to the beach, perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee and a toastie. Trust me folks, the coffee in Australia is amazing and could possibly ruin coffee for you because it’s that good. Best to hit this spot in the morning or early afternoon before the winds pick up.
What are 3 tips you'd give to someone traveling there to bodysurf/handboard for the 1st time?
  1. Do your research! Check out the conditions, swell and weather at the beach you want to visit. Make sure the conditions are at your skill level and you don’t get yourself into any trouble. Sold tip - speak to the lifeguards or locals about any dangers or “need to knows” about that beach. Everyone is super nice and will gladly give you the lowdown.
  2. Reach out to the bodysurfing community! The community there is very welcoming and filled with great humans. It’s a great way to make friends, learn about the local area and get some helpful tips on cool things to check out or eat post surf.
  3. Have a game plan for a lay day – there’s not always good surf so when there’s not, check out the local national parks. There are quite a few close (Springbrook, Lamington, and Tamborine National Parks) to the Gold Coast that have some awesome hikes and waterfalls to check out. If hiking isn’t your thing, there are animal sanctuaries that house many of Australia’s wildlife. You can learn something new and chill with some kangaroos and koalas.
Tell us about 2 favorite moments/memories from the trip?
  1. Definitely bodysurfing every morning and meeting up with the Goldie Sliders and Slyde AUS. It was such a great time spending the morning with the locals, sharing waves and having an absolute blast. Can’t wait for those Aussies to make it to California, so I can show them our homebreaks.
  2. Besides the entire trip being epic, I would say going to the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary to see the local Australian wildlife. I was able to hold a koala, feed a kangaroo and casually bump into Chris Hemsworth (Thor). Yes, I got the full Aussie experience that day :)
Where are you off to for your next surf travel bucketlist?

Haven’t planned the next trip just yet, but currently I have South East Asia (Vietnam and Thailand) on my list for next year. Possibly Bali, if South East Asia doesn’t work out. Trick is, start saving now!

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Travis Davies
Travis Davies

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