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SlydeFest 2020 Handboard Event Australia Entry Fee/s - May 16th & or 17th Gold Coast

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This is your entry into Slyde Fest Australia Powered By DaFiN

We are excited to open entires for the second annual Slydefest Australia.

This year we have some big changes, please read below about the changes and the 2020 rules.

Excited to announce that DaFiN Hawaii and Australia have come onboard with us as a major sponsor.

This years event will be held on May 16th and or 17th!  That's right we have a two day event window, so we will utilise these days to hold the event in the best conditions. A call will be made in the week leading up to the event to choose the best day, so save the days. Our preference is the event runs on Saturday the 16th but the 17th is a back-up day.

You are buying an entry (or Multiple) into the 2020 Slydefest Handboard event!

Again in 2020 this is a Handboard only event, no Handboard, no points. (check the rules for details)

We have the following divisions in 2020 to allow competitors to compete in their selected event, you are more than welcome to enter multiple divisions if you wish. (max of 2 per entry)

Opens* (Main Event)- This division is our Open event, it's open for anyone who wants to be in the main event, age groups and gender is Open to whomever wishes to compete.

Over 45's - This division you must be 45 years or over on the 16th of May 2020m to compete . This division is also open to anyone over 45 years old, male or Female.

Female - Ladies have their own division in 2020, so enter and test yourself with the other ladies of the sport, the Ladies division is open to all ages.

Junior Boys** - Junior Boys have their own division in 2020 and must be 14 years old or younger on May the 16th to compete.

Junior Girls** - Junior Girls have their own division in 2020 and must be 14 years old or younger on May the 16th to compete.

*Opens will be capped for the event so enter fast.

**Numbers depending Junior Boys and Girls may be a combined Division and we have one Junior Champion, but if we get numbers we as planned have two divisions for the kids.

*Examples FOR ENTRY, 

- If you're over 45 and want to do the over 45 division and also enter Opens go for it.

- If you're 9 years old and want to enter Juniors and Opens go for it!

- If you're in the Ladies and want to do the Opens event also go for it!



Slydefest Australia Powered By DaFiN will run between Surfers Paradise and Southport, final location will be decided the day prior to the event all competitors will be notified.

A briefing function will be held on the Friday night to run through the details. (location and details to follow of the briefing)

Please make sure we get your email and phone number to stay in touch.

Any questions at all please email

Let's hope the ocean comes to the party this year again in 2020 and it will be a great event.

Please read the below, rules and guidelines before entering this event, if you would like a copy please email,

Once you have entered you will receive a waiver form to sign and return to us.

thank you.


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